Plant Hire Services

Corporate Spaces

Increase Productivity, Reduce Sick Days and Improve Creativity

Plants and greenery do so much more than just brighten up an office. Although the aesthetic effects are undeniable and enjoyable, several studies have shown that the health benefits of living plants far outweigh their beauty alone.

The results of some of these studies have shown that workers in offices that contain plants:

  • have reduced absenteeism from 15% to 5%
  • can complete a computer task 12% faster
  • have lower stress levels
  • generate 15% more ideas than workers in offices without plants
  • have improved concentration and memory, better goal achievement and heightened attention

Considering these reasons alongside plant’s abilities to purify the air and reduce the incidence of illness, there really are so many great reasons to fill your office with plants and watch your staff thrive. At Anderson’s we will help you plan your indoor office landscaping, taking into account the objectives you want to achieve. Talk to us today to not only beautify your workspace but to inspire and uplift your workforce.